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A sneak peek at Annexian Marketplace

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Search from our coaches listing page

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View detail of a coach’s profile

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Review coach’s feedback from other clients

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Simple and secure payment system

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Annexian Marketplace

How do you benefit?

icon personal development

Personal growth

Develop your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual growth to live a more satisfying and successful life.

icon increase sales numbers

Career growth

Find mentors who can direct you to where you want to go in your career, faster.

icon better leader

Better leader

Receive honest advice to improve your communication and soft skills.

icon maximise potential

Maximise potential

Cultivate your creative expertise to generate new opportunities you’ve never thought of.

icon happy

Happier you

Achieve more ambitious but realistic goals and be more satisfied with your life and accomplishments.

Marketplace features

icon smart simple

Free sign up

Sign up for free. You only need to pay when you hire a coach.

icon profile homepage

Coach profile

View and compare each and every coach’s bio, certificates and qualifications, availability and market rate.

icon online messaging

Online messaging

Every coach will have their own inbox, so you can communicate and negotiate with them with ease.

icon mobile friendly

Mobile friendly

Annexian marketplace is optimised for every screen. You can access and communicate with your coach on the go.

icon secure online payment

Secure online payment

Simple and secure payment system that accepts all major credit cards and PayPal as payment methods.

icon review happy face

Review from others

Review feedback and recommendation other members left for the coach.

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How Annexian Marketplace Works

Easy, smart, and simple

Step 1 - Sign up for free

Register and interact with other users as well as add comments on Annexian site.

sign up form

Step 2 - Search for a coach

Find the right coach for you and your business needs.

form find coaches

Step 3 - Contact and book the coach

Communicate and make a booking with your coach.

form receive booking

Step 4 - Happy learning

Meet face-to-face or via online video chat with your coach.

form meeting coach individuals

Ready to get a coach?

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Annexian Marketplace platform is still under construction. Stay tuned!

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