Annexian, an online marketplace for quality coaches and mentors.

coach presenting in front of audience

We help to connect people who are passionate in improving themselves and their societies.


Founded in 2017 in Australia, Annexian aims to build stronger and better community together.


We believe happy and healthy people will create happy community; we want to build a place where people can find and discover anything they might need, in order to advance in their life and career, so that they can find personal life satisfaction and happiness.

The happiness of individuals in the community would create happier and healthier community, which could develop more positive impacts in wider social environment.


Leadership, Quality, Teamwork, Respect, and Responsibility.

  • Leadership: Be a good example to others
  • Quality: Serve others with all our heart
  • Respect: Respect for people
  • Integrity: Take responsibility and accountability seriously
  • Building community: Build stronger and better community together
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