This guide takes you step by step through the process of registering as a coach/mentor at


Step 1

Sign up by clicking the ‘register as a coach’ button.

step-by-step register as a coach

Step 2

Select the listing type: offering per hour session, or fixed price session or per program (multiple sessions). You can either create one type of listing or all 3 type of listings.

screenshot coach select listing

Step 3

Fill in your business and services details to allow individuals understand your offering and pricing.

screenshot coach fill details

Step 4

Go to 'Settings'...

screenshot settings

And then, click on 'Payments' and 'Connect your PayPal account'.

screenshot grant permission connect to paypal

Ready to be a coach/mentor with Annexian Marketplace?

Step 5

Connect your PayPal account in order to receive payments from your clients (or create a new account with PayPal if you haven’t got an account).

screenshot login to paypal

Step 6

Grant permission to your existing PayPal account.

screenshot grant permission paypal

Step 7

Grant permission for Annexian to charge a transaction fee.

screenshot grant permission annexian charge fee

Step 8 - And you are DONE and ready to be found by your new or existing clients.

Ready to be a coach/mentor with Annexian Marketplace?

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